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WARNING: Crafty blog


Okay, when I created this blog, I never thought I would be posting a craft project or some home improvement thing because I am not crafty and most home improvement things that I attempt turn into me makes 16 different trips to Lowe’s and I think a lot of bad words (I don’t say them, so it’s ok 😉

A while back I noticed that someone was throwing out some pallets, so like any good pinner (unsure what this means, visit I stopped and loaded them into my car.  This weekend I finally got around to doing something with them.  I’ve never really liked my coffee table – it’s okay I guess, but I thought that this was the perfect opportunity for me to fix that, so I made a new coffee table (eat your heart out, Bob Villa).  Okay, I realize that this makes me sound a lot more crafty and industrial than I actually am, but I’m okay with that.  Here’s what we did:

Items you’ll need:

-Pallets – we used 2, you could use 3 or maybe even 4 depending on how high you wanted the table to be
-Sander & sandpaper – I used my automatic sander which is definitely the way to go with raw wood – we used a 120 grit, which is medium
-Paint & brushes – choose your color, we used brushed to apply and we did a thin coat because we wanted some of the raw wood to show through
-Wood glue
-LONG screws
-Drill & drill bit
-Caster wheels
-Rubber Mallet


-Start off by making sure your pallets are clean and that there’s no rotting wood – if any is rotting, I probably wouldn’t use that pallet
-Next-sand the wood down so that it’s smooth and there’s no raw pieces – pallets are very raw usually and can give splinters
-Clean off saw dust – we used the vacuum to make sure we got it all
-Paint or stain – we painted because we wanted it to be a lighter color and we wanted it to match another piece in our home
-Allow paint to dry – ours dried very fast because we did a light coat of paint so that some of the raw wood was still visible and because pallets are so raw, they absorbed the paint very quickly.
-Glaze – there are many options for a finishing glaze out there and you really can’t go wrong.  We used a satin finish shellac.
-Wood glue the pallets together and allow that to dry – make sure you get them on as straight and even as possible.
-Screw pallets together – we used 7 inch screws from Lowe’s – had to also purchase a LONG drill bit.
-Turn piece over and screw holes for caster wheels – there are many options for wheels out there so follow the instructions that came with yours.  Ours involved screwing holes, putting casters in holes and securing with a rubber mallet.

And your done – you just made a coffee table 🙂  This project took us about 6 hours.  Thanks to my handy, dandy assistant, Corrienne Bottom for all of your help, hard work, blood, sweat and tears during this project.  I respect the fact that you wore pants to church on Sunday to cover up the paint that you couldn’t get off your legs.




Cool burn stamps on the side of the pallets (came like this)Image
Love the matte gold screws we found at Lowe’s


Back to the Future


A little over a week ago I was put in a terrible situation.  I hated it and I’ve hated it ever since.  I don’t understand why it happened and I just want it to make sense.  However, no explanation will work and no answer will be good enough.  For me I guess you could say that I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.  If I could go back and do things differently, I definitely would.  I would be in a different place at that time.  Isn’t that just like us?  We cannot see the big picture, we cannot see tomorrow, or a week from now, or a month down the road, but we say things like, “If I could go back and change it, I would.”  But what makes us feel that if we cannot see the future, we should somehow be qualified to changeScreen Shot 2013-09-11 at 11.08.38 AM the past? What if we had the power, to go back and change things, what if we could, during the span of our lives, go back in time and change three things?  Would that be enough?  Would we want to change 5 things or 10 or get a new quota every decade?  How would it work?

There are reasons why we are here in time and space and why God is not.  Time and space are not barriers to Him.  Not only does he know all about yesterday, he can see tomorrow and not only can he see tomorrow, HE’S ALREADY LIVING IN TOMORROW.  Wow, thinking about that too much could make your brain hurt.

One of my favorite all time 80’s movies is “Back to the Future”.  Marty gets into his DeLorean and with the help of Doc Brown, Imagetravels through time and space.  He meets his parents in high school and inadvertently attracts his young teenage mother to him.  YIKES – can we say awkward?  At a few different points in the “Back to the Future” trilogy Marty has to be careful not to bump into himself-surreal, Michael J. Fox, surreal.

Well, God does not need a DeLorean, or Science Fiction, or quirky Christopher Lloyd playing Doc Brown, He can just move through time and space.  He also doesn’t have to worry about bumping into Himself – that could be weird since He’s everywhere.  I get a mental picture of God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit asking one another to mind their own personal space – hard to do when you’re three in one.  He can see your future and He’s already in your future and He knows how He’s going to make the bad things, the hurtful things and the sins of your past work in your future.  He is holding your tears.  He is healing your hurts.  He is forgiving your sins.  He is taking the tattered pieces of your past and he is weaving them into a beautiful masterpiece – HIS MASTERPIECE.  Child of God, you are loved by Him more than you can ever imagine and He knows how to take those “would change it if I could” times and make them something of beauty.