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Why Do I Cry?


Why Do I Cry?Image

I am self-admittedly a crier.  As my close friends and family are reading this, they are probably shaking their head in agreement so to them I say “Stop That Now!”  So what is it that makes me cry?  Yesterday my friend, Kristi offered me the kindest compliment and as she was talking, I started to cry.  Tuesday, I received a beautiful card in the mail from my friend Claire and yep, you guessed it, almost immediately, I started to cry.  Both of these times were what I would consider “good crying”.  They weren’t sad cries.  Crying is a little strange when you think about it, I mean a certain emotion hits you and water starts to pour from your eyes let’s face it, it’s weird. 

The act of crying has been defined as “a complex secretomotor phenomenon characterized by the shedding of tears from the lacrimal apparatus, without any irritation of the ocular structures”.  Thanks Wikipedia, for whatever that means.  All I know is that when I am sad, really sad, I cry.  When something hurts, I cry.

Bombs at the Boston Marathon
Ricin sent to the President and Senators
Flooding in Grand Rapids
Huge explosion in West, Texas
Kermit Gosnell & his sick ways of murdering babies
Marijuana legalized in some states
Our 2nd amendment in jeopardy
Legalization of gay marriage in some states
Sandy Hook
North Korea

It seems so bleak in America, maybe more so than ever before.  It appears that this world could not be further from the Lord.  Things seem dark, sorrowful, and like perhaps Sodom & Gomorrah had nothing on the United States of America in 2013.

Christians, it’s time to cry for our Nation.  It’s time to get down on our knees before the Lord and cry out to Him to heal our land.  It’s time to pray like never before for people to wake up and turn to Jesus.  The Democratic Party is not going to save America.  The Republican Party is not going to save America.  The only hope that our Nation has is true repentance and a turning back to God! 

“I strongly suspect that if we saw all the difference even the tiniest of our prayers to God make, and all the people those little prayers were destined to affect, and all the consequences of those effects down through the centuries, we would be so paralyzed with awe at the power of prayer that we would be unable to get up off our knees for the rest of our lives.”- Dr. Peter Kreeft, Professor of Philosophy Boston College

Last week I had the privilege of praying for Boston with hundreds of friends from my church, ImagePrestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas.  It was an honor to lift this city up in prayer to the Lord.  This is the kind of praying that we need to be doing every day for our neighborhoods, our cities, our states, our country, our elected officials, our judges, our president, etc.  Christians, God is calling us to prayer, and He is also calling us to action.  This is not the time to back down, this is not the time to cower or retreat, this is the time to charge with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This is the time, more than ever before to spread the Good News.  You see while we do mourn and cry over things that are happening in our country, we do not cry as though we have no hope.  We have a hope in Jesus that surpasses every heartache and every fear. 

Romans 8:18 “For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.”

I love this verse.  The Bible is telling us that no matter how dark and sorrowful things might get on this earth, the sorrow cannot even compare with the joy that we will have in Heaven! 

ImageBelievers, I urge you to cry, cry like never before for the people around you, for the lost who are dying and going to hell, for the injustice in this world.  Then, get up.  Dry your tears.  And CHARGE with the love of Jesus Christ!  We have the hope for this world, we have the ONLY hope for this world and that hope is the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It’s time to be bold, it’s time to stand together and it’s time to be strong.  You’ve heard the phrase “Go big or go home.”  For the Christian it’s “Go big THEN go home.”  Once our work here is done, then and only then can we enjoy the Glory of the Father and all that He has for us in Heaven!


Run and Pray for Boston at Prestonwood