Flowers by Emma Hooten


Emma Nicole Hooten

My beautiful & hilarious niece, Emma had to write a poem about flowers for school and since Valentine’s Day is nearly here, I thought I would share these beautiful & thought provoking words.  Enjoy!

by Emma Hooten

Flowers are a wonderful gift
They are fantastic gifts to give someone who is sick.
You could give them to a person who has had a face lift
Or to someone who


Yeah her aunt is hot and single!!!! WOO HOO!

choked on a carrot stick.

Roses, lilies, tulips, and such
They can all help someone who is down on their luck.
Flowers could cheer a pal who recently fell in a rabbit hutch
Or help a poor soul who was hit by a dump truck.

Maybe your friend is very grumpy.
Maybe they’ve had a very bad day.
Maybe they’ve had some milk that was lumpy.
Maybe their lunch was thrown in the Hudson Bay.

These people need at least one flower
So they don’t do something crazy like jumping off a high tower.


Me and Emma


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