First World Problems


First World Problems!

“My satellite went out at the best part of the show!”

“Facebook switched me over to timeline, ugh.”

“I’m not due for a cell phone upgrade for 2 more months, so I have to wait to get the iPhone 5!”

“I burnt dinner, and now we have to go out to eat.”

These are all some examples of First World Problems.  I have been to several Third World countries.  I’ve seen women using brooms to sweep their dirt floors.  I’ve had chickens walk in and out of a hut that I was in while talking about the Lord (I was talking about the Lord, not the chickens-all though now that sounds less exciting!) I’ve seen children walk around in rough terrain without shoes on their feet or with shoes that were obviously way too small. I’ve seen other children who are missing essential items of clothing.  We have so much to be thankful for in the United States of America.  I read a statistic the other day that stated that if you make at least $35,000 a year you are among the wealthiest 1% in the world.  There are also so many things that we have in this great country that are not given nearly as easily as a cell phone upgrade.  These are things that people have gone to war over, things like our freedom of religion and our freedom of speech!  We have been given these things, among others, not as a right but as a liberty!

We have been given so much and the Bible tells us in Luke 12:48 that to whom much is given much is required!  One first world problem that I have heard from some during this election season is “I don’t like either presidential candidate so I am just not going to vote!”  WHAT, are you kidding me?  American troops have served in other countries, helping to free those countries from socialism, communism and dictatorship.  America has helped other countries and given them the liberty to vote for a leader for their country.  Here in America, women & minorities struggled and fought hard to gain the liberty to vote.  Voting for a presidential candidate is not our given right, it is our protected liberty!

If you do not vote in this election…you do not have the right complain about any laws passed, gas prices, wars, abortions, senate hearings, presidential statements, congressional hearings, Obamacare, health care, welfare, etc. for the next four years.


If you do not know who to vote for, let me help you out with this issue.  As a Christian I encourage you to:

1.     Vote for the presidential candidate who respects the sanctity of life.
2.     Vote for the presidential candidate who will fight to protect the Biblical definition of marriage.
3.     Vote for the presidential candidate who will stand and protect Israel.
4.     Vote for the presidential candidate who will keep our country and our borders safe!
5.     Vote for the presidential candidate who will protect our freedoms and liberties, particularly our     freedom of religion!

(You’ll notice, this is a five point plan!)

I have heard people say that the reason that they are not voting in this election is because they cannot support either candidate because of his religious affiliation.  Let me just say, we are electing a President not a Pastor!  This is not someone that you are going to hear preach every Sunday, this is someone who will lead our Nation, and those two things are drastically different!

“If you recommend a mechanic to a friend, and he is a Jew, you are not endorsing Judaism. You are endorsing a mechanic. If you recommend a plumber to a friend, and he is a Catholic, you are not endorsing Catholicism. You are endorsing a plumber. If you support a presidential candidate that is a Mormon, you are not endorsing Mormonism. You are endorsing a presidential candidate! We are not electing a Pastor or Spiritual Leader. We are electing a President and Commander in Chief!!” – My sister, Jana Hooten

My dad and me in front of the Presidential Palace

In 2008, my dad’s ministry took a mission trip to Vietnam.  While we were there, we visited the Presidential Palace.  The Palace has many stairs and because my dad is in a wheelchair, we took the elevator.  When we were nearing the end of the tour, my Dad asked our tour guide while on the elevator “Are you a communist?”  I almost fell over, because to me that sounds like an insult, but to them it’s like saying, “Are you a republican or democrat?” Well, this sweet Vietnamese woman, who spoke great English, replied to my dad, “Yes, I am, but I do not like it!”  My dad went on talking with her and he gave her one of his tracts.  She quickly stuffed it into her pocket so that no one else could see it, and she thanked him.  We later found out that she probably felt somewhat comfortable having this conversation on the elevator, because it’s the one place in the Presidential Palace that is not monitored with video and microphones.  Ladies and Gentlemen, her statement about communism was such an honest statement.  She was stuck in a place with very limited rights and freedoms.

This is a very important election, for sure the most important in my lifetime, and I’ve heard my parents say that it’s by far the most important in their lifetimes!  We have a choice to make.  However, as Christians, as we make this choice we also have a hope to hold on to and that hope is in Jesus!  He is greater than any president, more powerful than any ruler and higher than any earthly king. He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Today, I went and voted.  I exercised my freedom as an American citizen.  To my friends in the military, active duty & veterans, I say thank you for fighting for my freedom & liberty!


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