Up on the Rooftop


I read a blog posting recently that talked about the current events going on in our world and in our country.  This blog was very well written and it had a lot of truth in it, however woven throughout the truth were lies and truths that had been twisted. The woman who wrote this blog (who is a Christian) wrote about her childhood and how her family lived in an area that had tornadoes quite often.  During these storms, they would have to make their way down to the basement to seek shelter and protection.  She drew the analogy and stated that while the storm of politics, controversy, same sex marriage, etc. loomed overhead she was heading down to the basement and all were invited to join her.

I do not understand this mentality. Christianity is under attack in America today and if you can’t see that perhaps you’ve been living in a basement too long and have not come outside to see the real world.

Basements are many times comfortable.  When I was a kid we had some family friends who had a huge basement.  There were plenty of places to sit and nap, a pool table, a soda fountain machine, a dartboard, a huge TV and a lot more.  It was a lot of fun down in that basement and the only problem that you ever had down there was if you scratched on the eight ball.  It almost didn’t seem like real life down in that basement.  You could drop your concerns at the door and just have a great time.  Well, this in fact is not like real life unless you just choose to sit back, not take a stand for anything and not get involved in the issues that are facing our country today.

We have to love people with the love of Jesus but just telling people that God loves them and never introducing them to the fact that Jesus was sent to this world to die on a cross for our SINS is a disgrace.  It’s comparable to a preacher always preaching about God’s love and Heaven and never telling his congregation about God’s judgment and a very real place called Hell.

ImageChristians, I suggest that rather than ducking down into the basement we get up on the rooftop and take a stand.  Now, the rooftop might not be for everyone.  It’s scary up there.  There’s no comfortable seating on the rooftop.  You could fall off the rooftop fairly easily.  You’re out in the open and there’s nowhere to hide up on the rooftop.  You have to climb a pretty sketchy ladder to get on the rooftop and you can only go up one at a time.  Once you’re there, everyone can see you. You have to be bold up on the rooftop; it’s not time to be timid.  If you want comfort, if you want crowds, if you want to hide then head down to the basement.

The rooftop is also not a place to be mean and it’s not a place of fighting.  If you fight up there you’ll pull a Humpty Dumpty and fall right off.  It’s a place to proclaim the truth and a place to proclaim the love of Jesus and yes, the two can & should go hand in hand.

Things are heating up in America and it is time for Christians to take a bold stand. The ladder is waiting, climb the rungs and join me up on the rooftop.

John 9:5 “As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.”

Click the link for a great clip from John McArthur


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  1. Another good one. I especially like “It’s comparable to a preacher always preaching about God’s love and Heaven and never telling his congregation about God’s judgment and a very real place called Hell.” More & more preachers are just preaching “God loves you” and leaving Hell out of the picture. I think that’s why people are so drawn to the mega churches.

    • Thanks, Colleen! I do, however go to a great church that is considered a megachurch – it’s Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, TX. One of the main reasons that I joined there was a powerful and honest message the Pastor Jack Graham preached! Not all megachurches are “fluffy” and not all “fluffy” churches are considered megachurches.

  2. The literal rooftop can be scary for those like me who fear heights. However, the one you refer to can be scary too IF one doesn’t know and trust God’s guidance and protection. Thank you for the challenge to stand for truth and spend time on the rooftop.

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