Crushed Dreams


Crushed Dreams

When I was about 12 years old I suddenly got a strong desire to ride a jet ski.  The desire to ride one quickly turned into a strong desire to buy one.  So, as usual I came up with a plan.  I had a lot of plans when I was a kid but this one was going to work, I was sure of it!

My dad’s ministry employed about 10 people at the time.  My parents also owned a lawn company that employed about 20 people (that’s 30 total, yes, I am great at math).  All of these people, plus visitors were going in and out of the same building.  We had a coke machine (yes, it sold more than Coca-Cola but in Texas everything is a coke and then you specify what kind of coke you want, i.e. Diet Coke, Mt. Dew, Dr. Pepper, etc.) so I put signs on trash cans and labeled them “Amber Michelle Lee’s Jet Ski Crisis Fund” other wise known as “AMLJSCF”- catchy, I know.  Looking back on this, the fact that I used the word crisis is pretty comical, this is First World Problems at it’s finest!

So, little by little I got coke cans.  I would crush them, often times getting left over coke on me, which was really gross, and put them in trash bags.  I was meticulous with it.  I made sure that everyone’s cans went into the proper trash bins.

I finally had collected about 5 giant trash bags full of crushed cans and I asked my dad to take me to the recycling machine.  We put all of these trash bags in the back of his SUV and we went to the machine.  We were both pretty excited to see the outcome.  As we were on our way there, I could just picture myself out on the lake zipping around on my beautiful new jet ski!

Could it really be, were my jet ski dreams about to come true?

My dad offered to help me put the cans into the machine, but I told him that I wanted to do it myself because I felt accomplished but mainly because it was kind of cool to see the machine “eat” the cans.  Can after can, bag after bag, went into the machine and my excitement was building like you can’t even imagine.  I could almost hear the water from the lake calling my name.  The bags were emptying and I reached down and pulled out the very last can.  I pushed “finished” on the machine and I waited to see just how many hundreds of dollars I was about to receive.  Would it be possible for me and my dad to leave the machine and drive straight to the jet ski store (is that even a place)?  The last can was in…the button was pushed…my dreams lay in the balance….and then I got it…are you ready…one dollar and ten cents. That’s right, $1.10.  No matter how you write it, it’s not a lot of money.

I was crushed to say the least!  My dad was crushed for me.  I got back into the car and tried not to cry but my efforts were futile and the tears came.  I remember saying to my dad “it was my dream to have a jet ski.”  I am sure in this moment my dad probably wanted to laugh a little bit, but he didn’t.

Just a few short months later (the Amber Michelle Lee Jet Ski Crisis Fund had been terminated by this point) my dad came home with not one but, two new yellow jet skis!  I couldn’t believe it.  My dreams had come true just not in the way that I imagined.  It hadn’t occurred to me that all I had to do was to go to my father with my dreams, give it some time and let him figure it all out.

You see, it was impossible for me, as a child, to earn enough money to buy two jet skis, what with recycling rates and all!  My dad did what seemed to be the impossible, but for him the jet skis were more achievable because he was a grown man with a paying job!  What dreams do you have in your life?  Have they been crushed like a coke can (see what I did there)?  Do they seem impossible to achieve?  When was the last time that you took those crushed dreams to your Heavenly Father, gave it some time and let him sort them out?  While he’s sorting them out, he may need you to do some work to make your dreams a reality, but if they are truly your dreams you will do whatever you need to do so see them come to fruition.

But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. Matthew 19:26

For nothing will be impossible with God. Luke 1:37


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